Four-Wheel alignment, in terms of literal meaning, gives people the feeling that it is related to four wheels.

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What is dynamic balance?

The wheel of a car is a whole set which consists of tires and wheels. However, due to manufacturing reasons, the mass distribution of the entire part cannot be made very uniform. When the car wheel rotates at a high speed, a dynamic imbalance occurs, causing the vehicle to shake and the steering wheel to vibrate while the vehicle is running. In order to avoid this phenomenon or to eliminate the phenomenon that has already occurred, it is necessary to make the wheel correct the balance of each edge portion by increasing the weight in a dynamic situation. The process of this correction is the dynamic balance that people often say.

Unbalanced counterweight balance causes the steering wheel to shake when the vehicle is driving at a certain speed, and the steering wheel is shaken for a long time, which may cause damage to the steering system. If the above situation occurs, it is very likely that you need to do "dynamic balancing". The balance is actually very good, the plan to disassemble the wheel is about 20 minutes to get it, the price is not expensive, tens of dollars, but if the wheel's dynamic balance parameters are not normal, the wheel appears to be beating and it is ignored every year, That is not the cost of the above. So please don't underestimate this little thing responsible for balance, it is very important.

Wheel alignment

Four-wheel positioning, in terms of literal meaning, gives people the feeling that it is related to four wheels. In fact, there is a certain relative position between the installation of chassis objects such as car wheels, shock absorbers and steering rods. Installation is called four-wheel positioning. The distance, angle, etc. between the relative positions are the parameters of the four-wheel positioning. When we do the four-wheel positioning, we make a fuss around these parameters. By adjusting these parameters, the car is driven to its optimum state.

Four-wheel alignment is a means of maintenance. Under normal circumstances, if there is no problem with the car, there is no need to do four-wheel positioning. That is to say, only if the car really has a problem, it needs to do four-wheel positioning, so the four-wheel positioning does not need to be done regularly as maintenance, but should be determined according to the situation.

In summary, the difference between dynamic balance and four-wheel positioning is still very large. It is worth noting that four-wheel alignment is only a means of maintenance. If the above situation does not occur, there is no need to do four-wheel positioning on a regular basis. If the coefficient adjustment of each component is performed under unnecessary conditions, it is possible to change the original coefficients of the various components of the vehicle, which in turn causes inaccurate four-wheel positioning of the vehicle.

The four-wheel alignment construction process is more complicated than the dynamic balance, and the charge is higher than the dynamic balance. The owners must keep their eyes open, don't be deceived by unscrupulous repairers, correctly judge the dynamic balance and four-wheel positioning!


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